Some Examples of Caledonian Websites

I design websites for a number of different people and organisations. Some are small local businesses close to where I am based in the West Highlands, some are registered charities, some are community organisations and some are personal projects. I'm always happy to talk about the specific requirements of your own website - please get in touch.

Yin & Tonic Chinese Medicine Clinic

The website of a clinic dedicated to methods of traditional Chinese healing. The site showcases the treatments available.

The website of an annual nature conference. The site features a directory of speakers and archived material from all conferences held since 2009.

The website of a consulting agency specialising in offshore oil and gas services

The website of an acupuncture charity, incorporating a private members area for acupuncture practitioners who volunteer in India each year.

The website of a medical doctor and therapist – the site incorporates an online booking calendar for appointments.

The website of a holiday cottage business in the Scottish Highlands – the site incorporates a calendar and booking portal.

The website of a Motorcycle Trials Club in the Scottish Highlands – it organises various events each year and the website incorporates records and results for each event.

The website of a bed & breakfast in Ballachulish in the Highlands – the site showcases the main features of the accommodation.

The website of a ski instructor in Italy – the site is provided in two languages.

The website of a recording artist – the site is an example of a single page website with links to play music tracks.

The website of a crafter, making bags, knitted toys, etc. The site uses a handwriting font, and has an attached shopping cart.

A website dedicated to interreligious dialogue – the site gives regular updates on interfaith events.

The website of a computer and IT Service company, with a private area for logged-in clients

Glen Etive Holidays

The website of holiday accommodation provider

The website of a large church, updated each week with embedded PDF links and other data.

The website of an acupuncture clinic that contains a large 'accordion style' database of conditions that can be treated by acupuncture

The website of a Motorcycle Trials Club in the North of England – it organises various events each year and the website incorporates booking and membership entry forms with the ability to pay online.

The website of a bespoke bicycle wheel building and suspension service

The website of a local business providing construction and house maintenance services.

The website of a small family charity supporting projects in Central America. The site features images and stories of people in the projects supported

The website of a Scottish peace movement - the site contains a blog, video material, PDF documents, and sound files.

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