What is a Domain Name and Why Do You Need One?

A domain name is what identifies you on the internet or on e-mail. A unique name is important to help you to get found quickly, and the more the name reflects your business name or what your group does, the better it is.

With Caledonian Websites you have the opportunity to choose a name that is perfect for your business or group. This will translate to a website address such as www.yourperfectname.co.uk and an e-mail address of you@yourperfectname.co.uk

It provides the perfect start to having an internet presence, onto which you can build your website, your online shop, etc.

If you have a domain name already but want to put it to better use with customised mail, website, etc, or want to move your current hosting to Caledonian Websites, I can manage the switch easily.

I am happy to help you at every stage, so let's get started choosing you new name!

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Search for a Domain Name

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enter a name in the box below to search for a domain name with any of the above endings:

If you prefer a domain that ends in anything else other than these top 6 (such as .me, .online, .shop, .social, etc) then visit here to check availability.

Pricing for some of the most popular domain names

Examples of some of our domain pricing -
at Caledonian Websites you can purchase a new name or transfer in an existing name you already use, to host on our super-fast cloud servers.


£30 per year


£20 per year


£20 per year


£20 per year


£18 per year


£18 per year

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