What is a Domain Name and Why Do You Need One?

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A domain name is what identifies you on the internet or on e-mail. A unique name is important to help you be found quickly and the more the name reflects your business name or what your group does, the better it is.

At Caledonian Websites we give the opportunity to choose a name that is perfect for your business or group. This will translate to a website address such as www.yourperfectname.co.uk and an e-mail address of [email protected]

It provides the perfect start to having an internet presence, onto which you can build your website, your online shop, etc.

If you have a domain name already but want to put it to better use with customised mail, website, etc, or want to move your current hosting to Caledonian Websites, we can manage the switch easily.

We can help you at every stage, so let's get started choosing you new name!


Find Your Perfect Domain Name

Enter the name you would like to have for your website and e-mail.


Choose Your Perfect Domain Name

Use the search box above to find a domain name that suits your needs. Once you find one that is available you’ll get the message “congratulations!”. To buy this domain click “Continue to purchase your domain name” below to go to our dedicated domain name booking section.


You will then have the option to “add web hosting” which is required if you want Caledonian Websites to host your  website and e-mail. To see details of our three hosting plans, Bronze, Silver and Gold, go to our “Hosting Plans” page, from where you can also make your choice.


For best value, at checkout choose the “12 month billing cycle”.

Do you already have your perfect domain with another host?

If you have a domain name already it can easily be transferred to Caledonian Websites. Either get in touch directly and we will do all the work for you, or begin the process yourself by clicking below.

Domain Pricing

Examples of some of our domain pricing -
at Caledonian Websites you can purchase a new name or transfer an existing name to us, to host on our super-fast cloud servers.

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